Encoding an 8K video from multiple cameras


We have an application with 4 x 4k cameras, and we get the streams using V4L2. We need to store a single stitched video of 7680x4320 @ 30 fps, preferably in H265. The 4 video streams can be tiled in a 2x2 mosaic.

According to the Jetson Xavier specifications, the hardware encoder is not able to work with resolutions greater than 3840x2160 @ 60 fps.

What method do you recommend to encode and store a big single 7680x4320 @ 30 fps video? GStreamer? Can this be done with the Xavier GPU?

Thank you!

There’s hardware limitation in input resolution, so hardware encoder cannot be leveraged. Also there is no GPU solution for Xavier, since we prefer to use individual hardware block and let GPU do frame processing/inferencing.
Only way is to use software encoder like avdec_h265. This may not bring good performance.
So it is probably better to look for other hardware platforms. Or desktop GPU solutions.

Hello DaneLLL

Thanks for your quick reply.

We’ll keep exploring alternatives and check other platforms.