Erroneous robot behavior after adding a Robotiq gripper

Dear IsaacSim community,
I want to add a Robotiq gripper to Kinova robot and run a Pick&Place application with this robot in IsaacSim.
I have followed the guidelines from the following posts on adding a gripper to a robot Problems adding a gripper (Robotiq 3 Finger Gripper) to an UR10 - Robotics - Isaac / Isaac SDK - NVIDIA Developer Forums and How to attach Franka Arm with Robotiq Gripper using Robot Assembly? - Robotics - Isaac / Isaac SDK - NVIDIA Developer Forums.
I could add the gripper and successfully control its opening and closing.
However, when I run my simulation with a controller added to the robot it stats moving chaotically.
I also observe this behaviour when testing the robot in Gain tuner.
I attaching the .usd files of a Kinova robot, gripper as well as the .usd file that I created after combining the Kinova and the gripper.
The video demonstration of the erroneous behaviour as well as the usd files Iused are in the .zip file. (26.0 MB)
I will be very grateful for your help! I don’t understand what I am doing wrong.

hi ,have you solve it ? I have the same problem with ur3 and 2f85,run pick and place demo,any helps thanks

@deeppixel Hi! Sorry for a late reply. Actually yes, I could find a solution that results in a more stable behaviour. I changed the joint limits of the f1_f2_l and f1_f2_r to 0-1.57, rather than 0-180. You can see an example in the screenshot.

here are some additional information that might be helpful with these kind of gripper setup:

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@qwan Thank you very much for getting back to this question! I did not see that page before!