ERROR: Support for necessary OpenGL extensions missing

The GPU of this comouter is NVIDIA GeForceGT 720 whose driver is no longer provided by NVIDIA.

I was using CUDA 11.6, and GitHub Samples were working until around July 2022.
This problem stated when I installed CUDA11.8.
Although I reinstalled CUDA 11.6, this problem still occurs.

Is this problem caused by my old graphics card or the GPU driver provided by Windows 10 or CUDA Toolkit or GitHub samples?

Another computer SkyTech Gaming whose GPU is Nvidia GeForce GTX 1600 super 8GB does not have this problem.
The driver for this GPU can be downloaded from NVIDIA.

The first sentence is missing;

When I execute GitHub Samples on Z270-Tomahawk-Arctic running Windows 10, I get an error message
“ERROR: Support for necessary OpenGL extensions missing”.

I could not select proper categories.

This problem was solved by down loading a driver from the following page:

I am using GeForce GT 720 as the GPU connected to a display and Testing Tesla T4. The error message “support for necessary Open GL extensions missing” is misleading.