Error when upgrade JetPack

Hello, when I upgrade JetPack on Jetson Xavier according to NVIDIA JetPack Documentation (How to Install JetPack :: NVIDIA JetPack Documentation), I get the error like the below image:

Hi, can you try commands in this post?


sudo parted /dev/mmcblk0 -s rm 4
sudo parted /dev/mmcblk0 -s resizepart 3 67.9MB
sudo parted /dev/mmcblk0 mkpart -s A_reserved_on_user 67.9MB 101MB

Hi DaveYYY,
When I run

sudo parted /dev/mmcblk0 -s resizepart 3 67.9MB

I get the error

Error: Can’t have the end before the start! (start sector=29491240 length=-29360380)

Hi, then try editing this file /var/lib/dpkg/status, delete sections starting with

Package: nvidia-l4t-kernel

(or any other packages causing errors)
, and run sudo apt update.

Hi DaveYYY, I delete those sections and get no error, thank you.
However, I consider that it will cause any side effects ? Like lack of some dependencies ?
Because, in the end, I want to install DeepStream 6.2 on the latest JetPack.

it’s usually caused by some packages being mis-configured or interrupted during installation, and the log left is blocking the installation or update of packages. Deleting this log just enables you to get back to the normal installation process, and cannot and would not skip any dependencies.

Hi, I ask this question because I get the error when trying install DeepStream 6.2 after that :D
I will raise another discussion in DeepStream topic. Thank you.

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