Errors on start of isaac sim

2022-05-20 12:32:47 [716ms] [Warning] [] Different GPUs have different availalbe VRAM. The texture streaming system will be limited to the lower VRAM number
2022-05-20 12:32:48 [2,031ms] [Warning] [] NGX does not support feature SuperSampling.Available.
2022-05-20 12:32:48 [2,031ms] [Warning] [rtx.postprocessing.plugin] NGX does not have DLSS feature. Check nvngx_dlss.dll is available.
2022-05-20 12:32:48 [2,031ms] [Error] [rtx.postprocessing.plugin] createDLSSContext error: unable to initialize context. Optional DLSS feature is disabled.

I can start up Isaac Sim, but there is no RTX option in Render settings. I’m quite confused now, because there wasn’t errors on the start up of Isaac Sim yesterday.I re-install the Ubuntu 18.04 and all the programs, but the errors still exist. Looking forward to your reply! Thank you!

I have fixed this problem, the error is caused by NVIDIA Driver 470.129.06 (Release Date: May 16, 2022)! My system updated my driver to 470.129.06 automatically the day before yesterday. I uninstall the driver and reinstall 470.103.01 driver, the error disappears.Why does newer driver have more bugs?

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