Ethernet is not connecting

I am working with a camera which is connected using the PoE. The ethernet is trying to connect and shows connecting, but then I get a message saying “Connection failed”. I recently flashed my Jetson after
this issue. Is this a hardware issue or should I install any drivers if so. When I run the ifconfig command I get this. There is no problem in my LAN cable as I was able to use the PoE in my windows device.

Can someone help me out please? If its a hardware issue is it possible to RMA?

I can see that packets were sent out, and this corresponds to a DHCP request. Nothing arrived, which suggests the router did not respond. It isn’t unusual that if this works with one device, but not another, that it is a security setup issue. Most routers (at least not the ones hidden away when provided by providers) have a method to log in and see the logs related to that MAC address. This is probably your best bet: Just ask the router why it did not respond.

FYI, I don’t know anything about your PoE setup. If the power is provided by the Jetson, then perhaps it has insufficient power for the router; or perhaps the router did not boot fast enough.

How about change to use some other devices instead of PoE to test the ethernet function first? For example, wired LAN in your environment.

Thanks for the responses but the issue is resolved. It seems for the device that I need to use I need to manually update the IPv4 and add the address of the device I am using. It is connected now and working fine.

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