Exception at start of precompiled samples

at start of precompiled samples, for example glass.exe we become at one computer the exception with the message:
OptiX error: Launch faled (Details: Function “_rtContextCompile”
caught exception:: error: Encoutered a CUDA error:
createFromMemoryPtx returned (209): No binary for CPU, [7340324]
ptxas application ptx input, line 2; error :PTX.version 3.1 does not
support.target sm_50
ptxas fatal :Ptx assembly aborted due to errors [7340325]

The computer ASUS MODEL TP500L
The graphics card is NVIDIA GEFORCE 840M

Can anyone help us? What to do?

Which OptiX version are you using?
Sounds like 3.5 which did not support Maxwell cards, so you need to use version 3.6.

The OptiX version 3.0.0