PTX .version 3.1 does not support .target sm_50

I’m able to successfully configure, generate make files and build the SDK samples. But when I run the executables present in the /bin dir, I see the following error:

OptiX Error: Launch failed (Details: Function “RTresult _rtContextCompile(RTcontext_api*)” caught exception: : error: Encountered a CUDA error: createFromMemoryPtx returned (209): No binary for GPU, [7340324]
ptxas application ptx input, line 2; error   : PTX .version 3.1 does not support .target sm_50
ptxas fatal   : Ptx assembly aborted due to errors [7340325])

I’m using GTX 750 Ti card, Cuda 5.0 and Optix 3.5.1. I’m quite new to Optix, any suggestion on how to go about fixing the problem? Thanks!

Maxwell GPUs as on your GTX 750Ti require CUDA 6.0 which isn’t supported in OptiX 3.5.1.