Expired certificate of api.launcher.omniverse.nvidia.com

Hi all,

I failed to download Cache in omniverse launcher.

Error occurred during installation of Cache: [f42c381b-1742-4aca-9ecf-ab9399247864] Cannot sign URL for download – FetchError: request to https://api.launcher.omniverse.nvidia.com/app/url?path=https%3A%2F%2Flauncher-prod.s3.us-east-2.amazonaws.com%2Fcache%2F2021.2.2%2Flinux-x86_64%2Fpackage.zip failed, reason: certificate has expired

Then I tried to check the endpoints of:

I noticed the certificate expired on Dec, 20, 2021.

Could you help fix this problem?

Thank you very much in advance.


ah yes me too i have the same issues for any OV related downloads, it simply points to error because of certificate being expired, also good to mention i got an error after installing the latest December update for the studio driver.

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Me too, I have the same problem. Is this issue going to be resolved?

same problem here…

same problem here…

same problem here…

Hello Everyone! The team is aware of this issue and is working toward a solution. Thanks for letting us know!

Hi Everyone! The dev team has informed me that this error has been fixed. Please try again and let us know if you are still seeing this error!

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