Failed install of Code 2023.3

  • Every installation stops here

@18230166817 can you provide the OV Launcher log for troubleshooting purpose? you can find the file in either:

  • Windows - C:\Users\%username%\.nvidia-omniverse\logs\launcher.log
  • Linux - ~/.nvidia-omniverse/logs/launcher.log

it’ll be helpful to provide your system spec as well.

  • An error occurred after re-downloading

安装 Code 时出错:[5f3a94a3-e1ba-46dd-bcc3-d8722641b670] Cannot sign URL for download – FetchError: request to failed, reason: connect ETIMEDOUT

i would still recommend you upload the log file found in C:\Users\%username%\.nvidia-omniverse\logs\launcher.log so it will give the devs a bit more context and what is causing the install issue.

one thing you can do without reviewing the log is to reboot your machine, launch the OV Launcher as admin, temporarily disable antivirus/firewall. try that and see if that does anything for you.

launcher.log (4.2 MB)