Export and Re-Import USD Asset in a Scene

I would like to export the Carter ROS-enabled model from the demo file located in “Isaac Examples → ROS → Navigation”, so that I can re-import it in another stage without having to re-create manually all the ROS Bridge Components. I am following the following procedure:

  1. I load the example by clicking on “Isaac Examples → ROS → Navigation”.
  2. I right click on the “Carter_ROS” prim and select “Export Selected”, then save the file as a .usd file.
  3. I try to import the .usd file in another stage (or even in the same stage from which I just exported it), by dragging and dropping the file inside the scene, and I get the following error:

[Warning] [omni.hydra.scene_delegate.plugin] cannot find xform op xformOp:translate for /World/Carter_ROS

This happens with every prim that I try to export and re-import. I can open the exported .usd file by double-clicking it just fine, but I cannot load it in an existing scene.

What am I doing wrong?