When importing USD to another USD scene, I loose assets

Hey, I have browstone demo with Pedestrian actorcore characters. Here is the scene itself opened:

You can see them walking around :)
Ok, now I need to combine this scene with a factory, so I open up my factory scene in drag the USD to stage, so I import the USD.

But now I do not get the walking characters at all:

Also a lot of materials are missing. How to fix this?


It looks like your “Looks” and your “Export5” layers are not under the "World(defaultPrim) Xform. Place those underneath that Xform, save. Then try to drag it into a new usd. This should help.

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This worked, thanks.

But now I loose some of the leaves, like here with the “Scarlet_Oak_fall_15e4f”

As you can see, the “paint tool” layer is also under “World(defaultPrim) Xform”… But still the leaves do not come for all trees…