Export static components with all rendering in omniverse composer


I would like to know is there any way to export all the rendered components into a separate USD file without any previous simulation.
The Present USD file is very large to combine, and all types of compression methods was used.

Does anyone have any solution methods to export files without simulation.

Thanks, with Regards

I am not sure I understand your question, sorry. Are you trying to take a large usd file with simulations built in, and save a new smaller usd file with just the static, non simulated assets ? Assuming yes, can you be specific on what types of simulation ? Are you talking about keyframed animation, or realtime physics simulation at a specific frame ?

we have brought is a few cells from a simulation application, and prepared the rendering.
the idea was to combine the multiple cells so as to play the simulation in sync.

but over a certain limit of the number of cells the USD become unstable and leads to crashing of the composer.

As a last resort we would like to use atleast one or two simulation cells and make the rest of them as static cells .
to do so I wanted to understand if I can export/convert the already rendered static cells along with their material data into much lighter USD. so that I can merge them into a bigger layout.

This way I want to have, lets say, 10 cells, with two cells playing the simulation.
but the other 8 cells shown only with the rendering material.

So essentially, you want a way to quickly strip the animation data off a usd file and just use the static first frame ?

Use this script to clear out all animation from a usd file

from pxr import Usd, UsdGeom
import omni.usd

# Get current opened stage
stage = omni.usd.get_context().get_stage()

# Iterate over all prims in the stage
for prim in stage.TraverseAll():
    # Iterate over all attributes of the prim
    for attr in prim.GetAttributes():
        # Get the list of time samples for the attribute
        time_samples = attr.GetTimeSamples()

        # Remove the time samples
        if time_samples: