Exporting simulations as a mesh sequence using USD or Alembic

Is it possible to export a liquid, cloth or softbody simulation as a mesh sequence via USD or Alembic?

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Hello @maxedge420! That’s a good question. I need to reach out to the team about this. I’ll post back as soon as I hear back from them!

Hi @maxedge420 Isimulated a curtain inside Houdini and succesfully imported it as .usd sequence into Omniverse (Though, I had problem with Houdini export with Omniverse Connector plugin I never managed to export an object with multiple materials, it always gave me only one material assigned, but again, maybe it is fixed by now.

Also the animated trees from SpeedTree are working relativelly fine.

I had some issues with animated .usd file not playing while using IRay renderer but that was 2 updates ago.

Hi, how are you?
I am most certain that USD can be used to export mesh sequences.
This is why I was hoping it would be possible to leverage the real time simulation capabilities of Omniverse to quickly generate simulations that could be exported to game engines and other 3D packages.

Hi @maxedge420 , ahh sorry! I misread that you want to import an animation, my bad!

All I can say in this matter that I’ve seen plenty of similar questions about exporting .usd files from Omniverse around the forum, but never really looked into them.

Try to look around, perhaps someone had success with it!

Hello @maxedge420! The dev team is working on this feature for an upcoming release! Keep and eye on release announcements!


Thanks for your help @WendyGram! Very excited for this.