Extremely Slow Loading Times - Isaac Sim 2023.1.0

I just installed Isaac Sim 2023.1.0, and am experiencing very slow loading times for the tutorials and when creating worlds. Loading the Franka example hangs for almost 5 minutes before the robot and room appear. Loading the simple room environment into a new stage also takes several minutes.

The computer I am using has a 32-core Threadripper with 256 GB of RAM and two 4090 GPUs, which I believe is more than sufficient for running the simulator. Will these slow loading times be typical for using Isaac Sim? The long waiting times are a bit of a pain, and I would love to shorten them if at all possible.

(Iā€™m running Isaac Sim on Ubuntu 22.04. My NVIDIA driver version is 535.113.01.)

I had the same issueā€¦the problem is server timeout settingsā€¦ specifically you can launch a local nucleus server or alter the nucleus server code
please see explanation here


Thank you! Your solution worked for meā€“startup time is now under 10 seconds.

For those who come across this post later, the solution can be found at this link.

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