Fail to flash AGX orin devkit

I have an AGX orin devkit board, but failed to flash it. The attached file is flash log. Can you help check why we got this error?
flash.log (48.7 KB)

Hi harry_xiaye,

From flash log, it looks stopped at Boot Rom communication.
Please also provide the serial console log from your board for further check.

How did you flash your Orin devkit?
Are you using standalone Ubuntu 18.04 as your host PC?

We use Ubuntun 20.04 virtual machine. Run this command to flash: sudo ./ jetson-agx-orin-devkit mmcblk0p1

The serial console log is the output on terminate? The log I attached is the output from terminate.

There are several reboots during flash, and VM might not detect the board after reboot.
Please flash the board with standalone or dual boot Ubuntu 18.04 as your host PC.

No. The serial console log is from the Micro-USB of the Orin devkit.
You could refer to the following instruction to capture serial console log.
NVIDIA Jetson Orin - Serial Console

@KevinFFF we used standalone Ubuntu to flash the board, it worked. Thanks a lot.

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