Fail to get roofline model

I wanna get NVIDIA GPU roofline model, so I compiled a simple kernel then run ncu -o profile --set full a.out .When I visualized .ncu-rep file by ncu-ui, I cannot find the roof-line model , I was confused …

Did you look under the "GPU Speed of Light Throughput "section in the details page? It should include the “Floating Point Operations Roofline” chart.
You should click the triangle Expander icon in the top-left corner of the “GPU Speed of Light Throughput” section to expand and view the full contents of the section.
Which version of ncu-ui are you using?

Got it and thanks so much

sometimes when I run ncu -o profile --set full a.out , no profiling results files generated …

This can happen if no kernel is launched by the parent process. As the warning message suggests you need to use the --target-processes all option to profile kernels launched by child processes.

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