Nsight compute command line roofline option


I am trying to get a roofline analysis for a kernel.
I am using the nsight compute command line on a remote host and then opening the report on my local system’s ncu-ui.

When I open the report, there is no roofline plot.

The online documentation for the ncu-ui GUI says to activate the roofline plot by checking the box in the profile options.

However, I cannot find anywhere what the command line equivalent for this is.

My current command line is:

ncu --kernel-regex one_minus_div_grad_v_27137_gpu --launch-skip 268 --launch-count 1 --target-processes all --export masz_med_roofline mpiexec -np 1 ./mas mas

What do I have to add to enable the roofline plot?


  • Ron

Hi Ron,

I believe you need to use ether the “detailed” or “full” set (–set full) since roofline isn’t in the default set:

% ncu --list-sets
---------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------- -----------------
Identifier Sections                                                                    Enabled Estimated Metrics
---------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------- -----------------
default    LaunchStats, Occupancy, SpeedOfLight                                        yes     35
detailed   ComputeWorkloadAnalysis, InstructionStats, LaunchStats, MemoryWorkloadAnaly no      157
           sis, Occupancy, SchedulerStats, SourceCounters, SpeedOfLight, SpeedOfLight_
           RooflineChart, WarpStateStats
full       ComputeWorkloadAnalysis, InstructionStats, LaunchStats, MemoryWorkloadAnaly no      162
           sis, MemoryWorkloadAnalysis_Chart, MemoryWorkloadAnalysis_Tables, Occupancy
           , SchedulerStats, SourceCounters, SpeedOfLight, SpeedOfLight_RooflineChart,
source     SourceCounters                                                              no      47