Feedback and Suggestion for Omniverse Documentation Improvement

Dear Nvidia Omniverse Team,

I am reaching out to provide feedback and a suggestion for enhancing the Omniverse documentation, specifically regarding the Python API.

Issue Identified: Currently, the documentation seems to amalgamate multiple classes into single pages. This format makes it difficult to effectively search for specific functions or understand the class to which a particular function belongs.

Suggested Improvement: I recommend adopting a documentation style similar to that of well-organized libraries like Open3D or OpenCV. These libraries offer a more structured approach, with separate, detailed pages for each class and their respective functions. This format greatly aids in navigation, understanding, and utilization of the API.

Adopting such a format could significantly improve user experience and efficiency in finding relevant information within the Omniverse documentation.

Thank you for considering this suggestion. I believe these changes could greatly benefit the Omniverse community.

Best regards,


@elevenjiang8 you should tack onto this thread for more visibility 👍:

Thanks a lot, I am not familiar with NVIDIA Developer FORUMS, I have added to there, hoping can change soon~

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