Flashing JetPack on Jetson TX1 leads to a stall at the determining IP of target stage

Previously I have been able to flash the Jetson with JetPack, but recently as I was downloading TensorFlow, the Jetson ran out of disc space. To help negate this, I attempted to run the Jetson from a SD card, and it worked until I took that SD card out to replace with a bigger one. Then, the desktop refused to load again, so I tried just reflashing JetPack onto it, but now whenever it gets to the determining IP of target stage, it stalls. Any solutions?

Hi anphamy,

Are you using VM host or on Ubuntu 14.04 host PC?


Also if you are using the PC as a router then the VM question becomes even more important. Regardless, whatever serves as a router should have a log available in which you can see how any DHCP request is dealt with (if a Linux PC is a router then dmesg would list DHCP requests).