flexlm + invalid server with trial license

i have a cluster, front-end has multiple NICs

./linux86-64/7.0/bin/lmutil lmhostid

The FLEXlm host ID of this machine is “00188b4dad14”

/sbin/ifconfig eth0

eth0 Link encap:Ethernet HWaddr 00:18:8B:4D:AD:14

grep swallowtail /etc/hosts swallowtail.wesleyan.edu # has to be first for postfix to work swallowtail.local swallowtail # originally frontend-0-0

my first couple of lines of the trial license.dat file
FEATURE pghpf-linux86-64 pgroupd 7.000 7-jun-2007 0
HOSTID=00188b4dad14 ck=29

the error when starting lmgrd up

14:54:23 (lmgrd) “swallowtail.wesleyan.edu”: Not a valid server hostname, exiting.

i’ve tried with line below (same error)
SERVER swallowtail.local 00188b4dad14 27000

i’ve tried with line below and it reports 'no vendor or daemon lines)
SERVER swallowtail.wesleyan.edu 00188b4dad14 27000

so i added line below … now it starts but i receive the error
‘15:19:08 (pgroupd) Invalid license key (inconsistent authentication code)’
DAEMON pgroupd /share/apps/pgi/linux86-64/7.0/bin/pgroupd

Please advise.

Hi Henk,

The trial license is node-locked, meaning the license it configured for use on a specific system, and can not be used with the lmgrd server. Instead, revert the license.dat file back to it’s original values and set your environment’s LM_LICENSE_FILE variable to the full path of the lincense.dat file.

If you need a temporary license for use with lmgrd, please contact license@pgroup.com.


ofcourse. i got ahead of myself. it’s all working now.