FLOW Steam is not fast enough to catch up objects movement

Hi! I made this steam flow:

But it needs to be attached to a fast moving object, for example to this rising cone:

But the settings of the steam are too “slow” to catch up the fast rise.
How to fix this?

Hello @pekka.varis! I’ve shared your post with the dev team for further assistance.

There are generally three things to look at in this case.

One is to increase couple rate. Higher couple rate causes the grid to aggressively move toward the target value set by the emitter. When an emitter is standing still, high couple rate looks very harsh, but when the emitter is moving fast it works well to make sure the target value is reached. We leverage action graph or animation to do things like adjust couple rate as a function of object velocity.

The other issue can be combustion. The combustion model is intended to take time to evolve. For fast moving objects, you can instead emit more smoke and temperature directly, potentially skipping fuel emission all together. This creates the effect that combustion was instantaneous.

The third thing is substepping. Sphere emitters in particular support substepping, this will interpolate transforms to produce a smoother effect.

@areidmeyer, great!

I followed your tips and it works now perfectly:

The most important was the first thing you wrote about, the couple rate.

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