FMC Connector

Is the FMC connector in the DRIVE AGX Platform equivalent to the one in the Jetson™ Xavier Developer Kit?
Do they have the same pinout?

Dear gilad.dvir,

If FMC connector means Jetson Xavier Module Connector, there is no FMC connector in DRIVE AGX Platform.

In the DRIVE AGX platform, I found CSI2 available on the mother board J18 connector (which the GMSL is connected to).
Close to that connector, near the Nvidia logo, there is another connector which looks the same as J3 of Jetson™ Xavier Developer bottom board.

Is the CSI2 available on that connector too? Is it equals to J3 of the Jetson™ Xavier Developer bottom board?

Dear gilad.dvir,

Both connectors have not the same pin out.