Jetson AGX Xavier SOM module

Hi Team,

I am Using Jetson AGX Xavier SOM Module in my design i have few queries to be clarified. please provide info on the following item.

1.In my design i have 3 interfaces for external display . HDMI connector, Type C over DP and eDP connector . Could you confirm if i can connect 3 Displays at a time and will all 3 interfaces work at the same time ??

  1. Does Jetson has inbuilt PMIC for RTC?? Is there any other connection required apart from connecting external Li battery to VCC_RTC ???

Could you share the contact or part number for the Jetson SOM Module Heatsink, Fan, Heatsink Channel Plate, TTP??

Jetson Firmware update via J512 Type C connector is over USB 2.0 lines??

Booting Time of Jetson SOM ??

Hi, first, please search and read module datasheet, OEM product design guide and thermal design guide in DLC, most design related questions are covered by the docs in DLC.