Force recovery and flashing requirements

I’m looking for some requirements on force recovery and USB flashing the Orin AGX industrial. Specifically if USB 2.0 (not super-speed) is sufficient for flashing and force recovery can be held low and not released during the flash process.

I see section 18.1 in the Orin design guide. Am I interpreting correctly that USB super-speed is NOT needed for flashing and only USB 2.0 is required? Also that force recovery signal can be held low during power-on/reset and NOT released back to high to properly enter recovery mode and flash the module?

USBSS is also supported now. Flashing Support — Jetson Linux Developer Guide documentation

No need to hold recovery during all flashing. Only need to hold recovery low before and during reset or power on and then can be released to high.

Thanks @Trumany. Our implementation will hold force recovery low for reset or power on AND during the whole flash process. Is that ok?

Should be ok. But better to release it after power on or reset.

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