Will USB0 be enough for recovery/flashing

We are developing a custom carier board and we like to know for sure if the USB0 is enough to have a Jetson ORIN NX and and/or Xavier NX to get reflashed (obviously the force recovery pin is also needed) or does it also need the USB3 like in the development kit schematics?

If its not manditory whats the big difference of having also USB3 connected? Is it “only” speed of the flashing procedure or are there other benefits?

And if its “only” speed then how long does a stock image take roughly on USB2.0 and USB2.0 + USB3?


Sorry that our previous comment was not correct. You have to run below steps to enable USB superspeed function.


Ok, so it is possible to enable the superspeed function for recovery by blowing a fuse (not reversable). So by default USB2.0 force recovery mode flashing is enabled (and using only the “force recovery” pin during bootup and the USB0 D+ and D- ?

Yes, default recovery mode does not require any software change. If the hardware design matches our design guide document, then it would work.

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