FrameView Analysis Template missing in v1.4.8323

I’ve recently reinstalled Windows 10 Pro as a fresh install. Along with GeForce Experience, I downloaded the latest FrameView and installed successfully. Everything works perfectly fine, with the exception of the FrameView_Analysis_Template.xlxs file not being in the install directory. I’ve not found it in the Program Files, Program Files (x86), or ProgramData folders under the corresponding NVIDIA and related sub-folders. A few searches have let me to the default location in ProgramData where the file typically is placed but it is not there.

Uninstalling and reinstalling FrameView has not been successful in acquiring the file. I have run into a few other users who share my issue, unfortunately I can not find the analysis template file online and older versions of FrameView are not visible to try from those. Unfortunately, their threads on other forums have gone unanswered.

Any assistance is appreciated,

Thank you