I just got my GEFORCE 8800 GT 512MB installed but I cant seem to get it working right.
So far the perfomance its just the same as the previous dinky 256 mb card I had.

Also the graphical user interface (GUI) that is supposedly incorporated with the installation cd is nowhere in sight + the demos that come with the installation cd wont run.

I am looking for help through NVIDIA CUSTOMER SUPPORT, but I thought it best to post here as well.

they have told me that the problem lies with the drivers, that I need to delete them in safe mode and install the new ones from the nvidia webpage.

when I tried to delete them in safe mode from the Nvidia folder, I found out that there was no Nvidia folder, I found some drivers that appeared to be associated with it and deleted them, then I proceeded to install the ones from the webpage.

the ones from the webpage turned out to be from a totaly different graphics card and would do nothing for me.
When I tried out opt 2 “AUTOMATICALLY FIND DRIVERS FOR MY NVIDIA PRODUCTS”, and it tells me that all the drivers are allready installed, even when I had deleted them; so if I have them why dont I have the graphical user interface (GUI). and why wont the demo Adrianne run?. and why is my computer graphics not running any better than with the dinky 256mb graphic card that I previously had?

histerically I tried downloading the drivers again from the page, this time as it was installing it gave me an error tellling me that that system I had was not windows vista 32; verily confused and certain that I did have vista 32 I downloaded the ones for vista 64 the same error popped up.

I am at the end of my rope, I have a supposedly great product that wont meet its standards and drivers that are tap dancing on my computer.

Requesting help urgently.