Geforce 1080: "No kernel calls captured!"

I recently got a new dev-computer with a 1080 but at the moment I am struggling to get Nsight Visual Studio to work for me.
Tracing does work fine (both Trace Application and Trace Process Tree) but profiling does not work at all. Using standard settings (e.g., Experiments to run: Overview) both in my project and the ‘addKernel’-project I get a “No kernel launches captured! Please verify your activity settings and make sure the kernel filter is setup correctly”.

I know that incompatibilities between the versions of Nsight and the graphics driver may be a problem. So my question is: which combination should work?

My setup is:
Visual Studio Community 2013
Version 12.0.40629.00 Update 5

cuda_8.0.27_win10 (which tells me on installation that it can not find compatible graphics hardware, and tries to install 362.61 which does not support the 1080, so I can not go back to that driver)

Nsight 5.1
Build Number:

Graphics Driver

Additionally I tested using Visual Studio Community 2015 with Update 2, but that did not work either.

Since there are only three drivers on Win 10 compatible with the 1080 I tested all three of them:
For none of these I got the profiling working.

Has anybody been able to get the profiling working on Win 10 with a Pascal-GPU?

Hi, Jochen

I’m sorry that for current stage, Nsight VSE do not support profile on Pascal-GTX1080.
And it will support soon.
Thanks for reporting.