GeForce 9500 GT - what is the latest working driver for this card?

I’m using Gentoo, which currently installs 331.20. However, this hardware/driver combo is unable to read EDID from my second monitor, resulting in second monitor turning off and/or flickering on-off (it is protecting itself from incompatible modes). Both monitors are connected via DVI.

331.20 is the latest driver. Were you able to read EDID from your 2nd monitor with previous versions of the drive?

Post nvidia-bug-report with failing and working drivers.

This sounds like a regression.

Thanks for replies, the trouble is I do not know what was the latest working driver. Since it is Gentoo and I’m running kernel 3.12 I suspect most older drivers won’t build? I tried with a GT 430 and EDID is pulled correctly from both monitors. I’d like to keep 9500 in this box, though. There is a thread on Gentoo forums about this issue