Generating custom mipmaps in the NVIDIA Texture Tools

Hello! I’ve recently dowloaded the NVIDIA Developer Texture Tools.
I’ve been wanting to create custom mipmaps for my textures (specially alpha masks) and while I’m able to save a .dds file with generated mipmaps and open it in photoshop to edit them, I can’t find the option to save those new mipmaps. The NVIDIA export doesn’t allow me to keep the existing mipmaps and instead genreates new ones, I know this feature was possible in previous versions but the dowload page for the older versions doesn’t seem to work. I was wondering if anyone knew how to save a .dds file with existing mipmaps in the 2020 version or if someone could provide me with a download link for a previous version.
Thank you!


I’d also like to see this feature. Custom mip maps are essential for UI textures as it allows you to manually fix 4k screen textures when they downsample for 1k screens. Sometimes you just need to emphasize thin lines that would otherwise disappear or become too blurry no matter if it’s “mathematically correct” or not.
Other use cases include when you’re creating debug textures (with each mipmap being of a different color), or certain special effects tied to specific channels at specific mipmap levels.

As beltranarana stated, it was available in previous versions and we’d really appreciate this basic feature parity.