Getting nowhere with USB camera

I’m trying to do the “hello camera” module using a USB camera but it always errors out with the below.

It detects the camera in step one but when it tries to connect to it I always get this error. I’ve configured the Nano using the below.

echo "sudo docker run --runtime nvidia -it --rm --network host \
    --volume ~/nvdli-data:/nvdli-nano/data \
    --device /dev/video0 \" >
chmod +x

I’ve managed to get it working with a CSI RPi camera although the image is upside down. I’ve tried two different USB cameras, one Microsoft, one Logitech, both of which work perfectly using Cheese but they will not work with these notebooks.

Anyone have any ideas?


Did you verify by the v4l2-ctl?

No, I found out by trial and error and it was something ridiculously simple. If you’ve got CSI cameras attached at the same time, the USB ones will not work. Removed the CSI cameras and USB started working as it should.

Did you check the video node to make sure number is correct? Confirm the video node to modify the “–device /dev/video0” in the command line.