GMSL video stop with some errs

Hi nvidia teams:

we use GMSL camera like below:
when open the video use gstreamer,the video stop with some errs.
here is the log.
video-log-err1.txt (13.6 KB)

Looks like unable capture data from MIPI bus.
Get the trace log to analysis.
Also confirm the pix_clk_hz for below note.

Skew calibration is required if sensor or deserializer is using DPHY, and the output data rate is > 1.5Gbps.
An initiation deskew signal should be sent by sensor or deserializer to perform the skew calibration. If the deskew signals is not sent, the receiver will stall, and the capture will time out.
You can calculate the output data rate with the following equation:

Output data rate = (sensor or deserializer pixel clock in hertz) * (bits per pixel) / (number of CSI lanes)

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