GPU freezes for 10h in a row during flash


I am currently trying to flash my NVIDIA Tegra K1, but it failed a few times so far…
I am following this tutorial:

When executing the following command (described in step 7): sudo ./ jetson-tk1 mmcblk0p1

The board just freezes when sending the system.img file to the board. This is what I see:

I know that it freezes, because the first time I just let my board run for +/-10h in a row and nothing changed. The virtual machine (running ubuntu 12.04) is perfectly fine though.

Does anybody know what I could do to solve this issue?

Thank you

This is a known problem of some VMs. There is apparently a possibility to tune USB which can get around this on some. I recall one person had the USB set to USB3 and when putting it back to USB2 it worked; a few others did something with USB buffer size and got it to work. Several others never did get a VM to work.

Everything up until the failure indicates the Jetson itself is working as expected.

In that case it is strange that it managed to properly send an image and a bin file before sending the system.img file (see picture). Are you sure?

I do however have USB 1 on my laptop and the usb port of the nvivdia board is bluish which I guess is therefor a usb 3.0

I am sure. The partial success is part of the story of a USB buffer failing during large file transfers, but succeeding on smaller content. Apparently VMs have a different latency in USB data transfer (that’s my guess), and thus a larger buffer needs to be applied to compensate (some people have done this and it works).

USB2 is required. USB3 in theory will fall back to USB2, but some VMs don’t do this correctly (probably a latency addition under VM) and defaulting to USB2 does the job. USB1.1 will always fail.