Gripper Constraint is Broken

I am developing with UR10 robot and short gripper.

I suffer an error; ‘Gripper Constraint is Broken’

The total error message is [Warning] [omni.isaac.surface_gripper.python] Gripper Constraint is Broken

After ‘Gripper Constraint is Broken’ happens, the gripper abnormally operates.

Please, help me.

Why the error happens?
And how to fix it?

Thank you


That happens when the mass of the object being gripped exceeds the gripper limits (or any other forces causes the object to be torn from the suction cup), and then the gripper suction breaks. You’d need to reissue the close command to get the gripper to grip on something again once that happens.

You can try increasing the force_limit and torque_limit attributes, or checking the mass of the object being gripped.