GTX 1070 nvidia-smi P states and Application Clocks support


I am having trouble overclocking and overvolting my GTX 1070s on linux using nvidia-smi.

For the time being, I am using nvidia-settings instead. However, my cards go from P0 to P2 state when running my application. I set my overclocks when in P2, but then if I exit out to P0, the overclock values are way to high, and my application will incur errors.

I would like to 1: Lock to P0. (PowerMizerMode=0x1 did not do this for me).

  1. Control Applications clocks using nvidia-smi.

On my 1070s, I get an “unsupported” response.

According to the NVML the 1070 should be supported:

For Kepler or newer non-GeForce fully supported devices and Maxwell or newer GeForce devices. Requires root/admin permissions.

I am using Ubuntu Server 14.04.
nvidia-381 drivers
Cuda 8.0


same thing here