GTX970M driver issues.


I am having trouble working with DirectX 12 on my laptop (razer blade with a GTX970M).

  • I get spammed with validation errors (this one): D3D12 ERROR: ID3D12CommandAllocator::Reset: A command allocator is being reset before previous executions associated with the allocator have completed.

  • Crashes when using visual studios graphic debugger.

  • Tearing that indicates frame presented mid-drawcalls (not fully rasterized polygons).

And all of this by simply running unmodified microsoft samples from git-hub.

None of the issues mentioned before are present if I use the integrated Intel GPU or ward device.

I tried to modify the sample and remove everything until I would get something that works… It doesn’t look good, I removed everything from the sample except the barriers for the back buffers (present->rt & rt->present) the graphics debugger still crashes my pc. Obviously removing that too “fixes” the crash but then then the program is nothing more than an infinite loop without any API calls in it.

** I am using the very latest driver version 364.72 **


A few months ago, I also had the ID3D12CommandAllocator::Reset error spam when running the official DirectX samples. I reverted to an older driver and reinstalled the Windows SDK, which fixed the issue for me. I guess you could try that until a better driver for your card comes along.