HDMI maximum trace delay


We are working a baseboard for Jetson AGX xavier module. I could read from the NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xav ier OEM Product Design Guide that, the maximum trace delay allowed for HDMI interface is 2.5 inches/ ~400ps. But, in our layout, the trace length is around 4.5 inches due to placement constraints. I would like to know how critical this length is? Do we need any simulation for this or do we need to use any redrivers? Please suggest.

Amith K Bhat

Hi, the OEM DG guidelines are from the module pins on the carrier board to the device or connector on the carrier board. The max length is derived based on trace loss characteristic. The length constraint must be re-defined if the loss characteristic is changed.

< 0.8dB/in. @ 3GHz ;
< 0.4dB/in. @ 1.5GHz