headless setup of nano from a mac OSX

Has anyone managed to successful do this from a Mac? . I can to point where the mac sees the nano as a device in /dev , but any attempt to open serial coms with it ( with the screen utility) just hangs…

Unfortunately we don’t have experience on mac OSX. I will let other forum user to share their experience.

Are you trying to setup through uart? How about using ssh with fixed IP?

Here are some instructions for headless setup on mac:

If it seems like it’s hanging, the screen might not have refreshed. You might try hitting some arrow keys/enter and see what happens.

Yes I have. See this thread.

The short story. Don’t bother with the serial pins on the J44 or J41 header. Instead use the USB port. Make sure the USB cable is connected to your Mac before you power up the Nano.

Thanks oseberg

Did you manage to do it with OSX Catalina ( 10.15  )  or  an older version ? ,  I was trying via the USB route but got problems ,  there its some comment somewhere about problems with this particular OSX

I’m using macOS Catalina 10.15.2

The main problems I had was that I kept trying the serial ports instead of the USB port. Once I focused on the USB port and quit wasting my time on the serial ports, it worked pretty quickly. I did, however, have a serial to USB adapter connected to J44 (the 6-pin header) so I could see the serial console log as it booted up. This is not necessary, but it’s useful to see what’s going on.

Also, you can’t connect to the USB device until after the Nano boots up because it doesn’t exist. But, the cable must be connected between the Nano and your Mac before you apply power to the Nano. Otherwise, it seems, the Nano will boot up in a mode where this won’t work. And, I had to press before the configuration menu showed up.