Unable to run headless mode in Mac OS Catalina

I am unable to connect to the Nano in headless mode in Mac OS Catalina 10.15.2.

This is very likely because Catalina disables old drivers.

Does anyone know where to get updated drivers?

Alternatively, does anyone know what USB chipset is used in the Nano?

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Hi, no single USB chipset in module, the Tegra chip integrate a standard USB PHY which you can check the TRM for more details.

More information on what you are actually trying to do would help. Are you trying to access the Jetson as if it is a mass storage device?

I am trying to use the USB-to-Ethernet connection, e.g. plug the Nano into the Mac USB-A port and connect to it on the default IP address. But this doesn’t work.

More specifically, I am trying to follow the “Getting Started with AI on Jetson Nano” course. As mentioned on the official course homepage:

Attention MacOS Users!
If you’ve upgraded your laptop to Catalina 10.15.1, the Nano device mode will not work because this version of Mac breaks the existing USB-to-Ethernet drivers. The Mojave release (10.14) does not have this issue. In the mean time, please use a different laptop to connect to your computer using device mode. As more details and workaround information become available, instructions will be provided with the course.

I then found some instructions related to fixing USB-to-Ethernet drivers on Catalina: https://plugable.com/2019/10/04/usb-ethernet-adapter-not-working-after-macos-catalina-10-15-update-we-can-help/. These instructions mention upgrading the ASIX chipset drivers, so I was wondering if a similar process can be available to make the Nano work with Catalina.

I am not a Mac guy, but I do know networking is somewhat *NIX-like, e.g., much is in common with Linux. For this particular case I do not think the Mac needs a driver per se, but I am uncertain. Normally what would happen is that the device should just be seen as a network adapter, and connecting to it should automatically assign an address. If security does not trust this USB device, then it might just be a case of telling the Mac that it is ok to use the USB NIC.

FYI, most USB network devices would be an actual NIC, but because the Jetson is already fully set up and running, then the usual driver will be irrelevant…the Jetson runs regardless of whether the Mac provides anything or not. The real question is if the Mac sees the device, and if the Mac gives permission.

If you were to go to a command line prompt on the Mac, then probably the “ifconfig” command would work the same for this as it does with Linux, and perhaps show devices.

Hey, I just used the solution provided here and it worked ;-)

I’m trying the headless setup and my MAC OS Catalina 10.15.4 does not even detect the Jetson Nano 2GB. Even as serial device under /dev directory does not exists! And I don’t even have a HDMI monitor…