Hello_camera csi in DLI course

hello everyone, i just bought jetson nano and started working on free DLI course. while using Hello camera i accidentally deleted the already available files in jupyter lab and cannot recover now.

Try to click on the Restart Button which is in bottom of the Course/chapter page which created this Jyupiter Instance and check if you get the files back.

tried but couldn’t get back.

Oh, can you restart the course? if possible.

it cant be restarted as seems, resumes back on.

I stopped the Task and Restarted it and got the Deleted files back.

Hi @tkhalid431, are you running this in the dli-nano container? If so, just shut down the container (by going to your SSH terminal where you started the container from and pressing Ctrl+D) and then start the container again. The notebooks should be back because changes to container filesystem aren’t persistent.

yeah i got it, thanks alot :))