Saving DLI Jupyter Notebooks

If I make changes to the code blocks in the DLI Course Jupyter Notebooks and save the notebook, the next time I access the machine, the changes are not reflected. I’ve even tried to save as a new name. While still logged in to Jupyter Notebook, the new notebooks show up, but when I reboot the jetson, and log back into JN, they are gone. I’m sure it’s something easy to fix, but I’m scratching my head right now…

Hi, this is because the container filesystem gets reset when you exit the container. I recommend that you mount a directory from your Jetson into the container by adding this argument to your run script:

--volume /path/to/your/folder:/my_folder

Then /path/to/your/folder on your device’s filesystem will show up under /my_folder inside the container. You can save your edited notebooks to there, and you will be able to see them from outside the container.

Brilliant - makes sense. I’m reflashing my card right now and will try this as soon as it is ready.

Thanks @dusty_nv - this worked.

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