Hello, I have configured a ConnectX5 for SR-IOV under ESXi 6.7. However, even after a reboot, VMware still shows the status as "Enabled/Needs reboot" despite me power-cycling it several times. Looking for guidance on how to resolve this. Thanks

Here are the details as shown by mlnxfwmanager.

Device Type: ConnectX5

Part Number: MCX556A-ECA_Ax

Description: ConnectX-5 VPI adapter card; EDR IB (100Gb/s) and 100GbE; dual-port QSFP28; PCIe3.0 x16; tall bracket; ROHS R6

PSID: MT_0000000008

PCI Device Name: mt4119_pciconf0

Base GUID: b8599f0300c65b8a

Versions: Current Available

FW 16.24.1000 N/A

PXE 3.5.0603 N/A

UEFI 14.17.0011 N/A

Found the problem. The card was in IB mode, so VMware was returning a misleading error message. Not sure why, but at least I can move on.

Hi Bill,

Indeed in a VPI HCA card, the default protocol is IB.

Though I have not seen this particular error.

I am glad you are able to move forward.