Help with CUDA program on W7 64bits with two GPU processors: NVidia NVS 5200M and Intel HD Graphics

Hi all,
I need help with a CUDA program previously compiled on another machine. Now I am running it on W7 64bits with two GPU processors: NVidia NVS 5200M and Intel HD Graphics 4000. I suppose there is some incompatibility between the two, because the program works only if my laptop is connected to an external HD monitor! Also some settings relatice to the PhysX etc have some impact. I am not a true expert, the CUDA program has been written by a friend who is currently unavailable. I use it for performing image analysis through tons of Fourier transforms.
I also have very strange behaviour in compiling simple CUDA codes with Visual C++ 2010 Express.
Thanks for any suggestion.
Fabrizio Croccolo

Visual C++ Express version does not run 64-bit CUDA code natively unless you workaround the issue and it might be a bit annoying to configure it correctly for CUDA. As I’ve mentioned in other threads, if you’re able to get the Professional version, install that instead. Microsoft provides Visual Studio Professional free for students at by verifying with an .edu email (from various countries/universities) or an ISIC card.

In regards to the CUDA application previously compiled, you might need to tell the NVIDIA Control Panel to run the CUDA application on the NVIDIA card, and not the integrated card… Optimus tends to bork things like that, and probably is running fine when you connect the external display because NVIDIA driver thinks you’ll need the graphics oomph to drive it.

Lastly, NVS 5200M is Compute Capability (CC) 2.1. If the code your friend gave you was compiled with support for that CC, it should run fine. Otherwise you might want to recompile it if you have the source code to match your card’s CC to avoid any issues when running it on a card with a different CC.

Hi Vacaloca,
thank you very much for your post. I am going to install the Visual Studio Professional to recompile the code…
Best, Fabrizio