Help with simulating an OS0-128 lidar

I’m simulating a robot which has an ouster OS0-128 mounted sideways. So I have ±45 deg viewing angle on Z axis and 360 deg on Y (pitch) axis. Now the problem is that what ever I try the lidar (Create → Isaac → Sensors → Lidar → Rotating) will not go 360 degrees around. (see attached picture, in the picture both axis of the lidar have been set to “9999999999999999635896294965248” (which is the max value) but same result can be seen on anything higher than 360 on either of the axis). Even rotating the lidar manually using an revolute joint and smaller Fov’s doesnt work.

For anyone else having similar issues. This video should help “Isaac Sim/Robotics Weekly Livestream: Sensors - RTX Lidar”

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