Adjust Scanning Angle for RTX Lidar

Hi, I wanted to ask how to adjust the scanning angle for a RTX Lidar Sensor. I want to simulate a sensor with a scanning angle of 275°. So I adjusted the Start- and Endazimuth in the lidar config file to 0 and 275. When I create the lidar with the corresponding config file and start the simulation I have still a full scan with 360°
I have put some cubes around my sensor to see if it scans the full circle or only the 275° (see image below)
What can I do to reduce the scanning angle to 275°?


1.What version of Isaac Sim are you running?
2.Could you provide a screencap of the ActionGraph?
3.What type of lidar config are you using? (i.e rotary or solid-state)

The IsaacComputeRTXLidarFlatScan node will generate a full buffer of lidar returns (i.e a 360 scan when using a rotary lidar, regardless of lidar azimuth settings). Similarly, the IsaacComputeRTXLidarPointCloud node can generate full-scan or per-frame output. Note a rotary lidar will rotate through the full 360-degree azimuth so you’ll get a full 360-degree laser scan or point cloud.