Problem where the lidar values are only coming out as negatives

Hello, I’m currently conducting experiments with a husky robot equipped with a LiDAR sensor. My LiDAR model is OS1-64.

However, when I attached the LiDAR to the robot and checked the values, they came out negative.

When I visualized the LiDAR values, there seemed to be no problem.

Could you possibly explain why this issue is occurring?


Those values look like all the horizontal angles that the rays are shooting out in. The difference between each number is 0.00314158 radians, which is 0.18 degrees and is the correct horizontal_resolution that you set.

Maybe you need to tap into a different part of the data?

In typical circumstances, how are settings determined and what might other approaches entail?

I appreciate your insight and guidance on this matter.

You can read more about using Lidar in Isaac Sim in this documentation: Using Sensors: LIDAR — isaacsim latest documentation

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