RTX lidar points near camera


I have noticed that there are some points around the camera (e.g. 0.014958163, 0.000104432824, 0.0011352401) that can be seen in the attached figure on the left side.

Does anyone know why this happens?

Attached the configuration for the sensor.

ifm_o3r_tof.txt (1.2 MB)

Best Regards

well, I saved your config file as debug.json in the ./exts/omni.isaac.sensor/data/lidar_configs/NVIDIA/debug.json folder so it would be in the lidar config search paths and could be used.

I then ran
./python.sh standalone_examples/api/omni.isaac.debug_draw/rtx_lidar.py debug

To take a look at it, and the config looks fine for a lidar with a short range.

I wonder, how you got the image above? That does not look like our debug viewer? Maybe you are drawing points that have 0 range or 0 intensity? Those points are not valid, and should be ignored.

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