Host Components missing when trying to install Jetpack 4.2

Hi I am trying to install Jetpack 4.2 to on Jetson TX2, but when I get to step 02 after logging in to sdkmanager I noticed my host components (CUDA, Computer Vision, and Developer Tools) are missing. Only my target components appear. When I try flashing of course it fails. How do I get the host components?

Host components are just an option to enable (you don’t have to flash or add components to the TX2, you can do this for just the host). Host install would fail if you don’t have a valid video card on the host. What video card do you have? What do you see from “lspci | grep VGA”? What do you see from:

glxinfo | egrep -i '(nvidia|version)'

(you might not have the glxinfo command without adding package “mesa-utils”)

Thank you for answering! I resolved the problem, but now I have a new one. Before I flash NVidia Corp is detected in lsusb, but half way through flashing it asks for a user name and passsword and NVidia Corp isn’t shown in lsusb so the Jetson is not detected.

Sorry I mean halfway through installing the SDK components it loses connection.

In previous releases there was a user “ubuntu” and “nvidia” already installed upon flash. In the more recent R32.1 you only get an account upon first login at the physical terminal of the Jetson (you have to tell it the name/pass from the Jetson itself for this release).

The lost connection, if it is for this above listed detail, will work once you’ve logged in once directly to the Jetson. In other cases, there might be a network issue. Can you verify if the flash completed and you are able to boot the Jetson and reach a login with a monitor and keyboard directly attached to the Jetson?

FYI, sometimes there are also issues with the host needing to be told to use the USB virtual ethernet. Either this or the missing login prior to account creation would cause the issue.