how calcuate ov10635 camera pix_clk_hz

Generally, you can roughly calculate as like below, you can consult to the sensor vendor for the accurately formula.

Pix_clk = FrameRateFrameLengthLineLength

thank you

Additional note: If you want to see an X11 style modeline there is an interesting online modeline calculator here (pixel clock is part of this):

Modeline format explained here:

The FrameLength equals active_h ??? You can find the active_h at the dts file .

No, active_h should be the output size it’s different with the line length usually it is bigger than active_h

If the output of ov5693 is 1388*861@48fps ,the active_h is 800,and the active_w is 1280,the pixel format is raw8.So the line_length is 1388.

and the pix_clk_hz = 48fps8611388 ???

The “FrameLength” means how many number of lines in a frame ? not how many bytes in a line , Is it right?